Status of Winchester Brewing

To the friends, family, and followers of Winchester Brewing Co.

I started Winchester Brewing 15 months ago with the idea of being a storefront that provided products to the brewing community. But along the way, it evolved into something more.  The “storefront” became a place to gather, a place to spend time with friends, a place to meet great people, and a place to enjoy each other’s company.

I knew the road to success would be a challenging one, and I was prepared for it. However, it became increasingly clear that the “storefront” business model that our lease was based on was not sustainable. I met with the landlord and offered several options, including changing the use of space lease clause to include food and events. In my opinion my landlord took it as an opportunity to charge more rent. I even explored the possibility of purchasing the property. The landlord told me an amount and when I found an investor to buy it, the landlord changed the amount. I have conquered many difficult issues in the past 15 months, but it’s clear that I will not be successful in this location. 

I have experienced many different emotions making the decision to move on from Willow Springs. I’ve met some fantastic people who I am glad to call my friends. I will truly miss the fun times we’ve had together. Although this is goodbye, it’s only temporary. I am always looking for the next opportunity and I know that we will see each other once again.


Bob Winchester

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